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June 22, 2009
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Fitness by CarolBarajas Fitness by CarolBarajas
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profutur1971 Mar 11, 2013  Professional General Artist
Beautiful image! Beauty, charmed and expression !Beautiful face ! Good job ![link]
sinapsys1 May 31, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Muy bueno el detalle de las pestaņas, ojos y cejas.
10/10 :p xD
sinapsys1 Feb 2, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Es un placer!
Excellent work,,, lips n eyes are v. good but angle of her left eye is not looking correct.
la campera te quedo genial y esos labios gran trabajo
VAngelLJ Jan 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You wanted some feedback on this, so I'll do my best ^^

The first thing I noticed was the lips - they are beautifully shaded and a very prominent feature of the piece. However, they seem to stick out a little rather than blend with the skin, so a little blending/skin colouration around the 'corners' of her lips could really help.

Secondly, 'her' left eyebrow appears very flat where it disappears out of view as it doesn't stick out any from her head, they are on the same level. Granted, eyebrows don't tend to stick out very much, but they do a little so adding a little bulge/bulk at the side of her head where the eyebrow goes will make it appear less flat.

Similarly, the white reflection spot in her eye maybe a little 'too' white in that there are no other colours added to it. While this is perfectly possible, it feels slightly out of place in this case. A gentle tinge of royal blue may help.

For the jacket, the texture really suits it and adds a great deal to the piece, though I think it is also a little overbearing. If you lower the opacity of the textures/texture layers a touch and perhaps make the fold shading a little darker it will give a tiny bit more clarity to the image, really making it pop.

The shading around the eyes could also be a little darker - but only a tiny bit.

The choice of background is perfect. It has an interest factor without taking away from the main focus. The colours are a great choice too.

Over all, it was actually quite difficult to critique this and it's taken me a record time of 52 minutes :XD: it's a gorgeous vexel; beautiful work.
:aww: awwwwwwww it's the best constructive criticism that someone has done, I can not defend me :giggle:, you hit :P
Thank you so much for this and your valuable time.

pd. happy new year :D
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